Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yay for Britain!!! Socialist Loser PM Resigns....

New Prime Minister is Conservative David Cameron.

Good luck to PM Cameron, he has a momentous task ahead. He must clean up a looming budget deficit that next year will be larger than Greece's.  He must find a way to reduce spending without further crippling Britain.

According to Fox News Contributor: Theodore Bromund

For there is no doubt that the most dangerous enemy that Britain – and indeed the United States – face in the months and years to come is their own desire to give themselves benefits they cannot afford. With sensible policies, competently administered, the threat of Islamist terrorism and extremism can be mastered, in Afghanistan and around the world. Unless it loses its head, Britain is only as powerless as it wishes to be.

But a bankrupt Britain, battered from crisis to crisis, will find it impossible to sustain these policies. Even today, its armed forces have been relentlessly squeezed by the insatiable demands of Gordon Brown’s mania for social spending. The only difference between Britain and the U.S. in this regard is that Britain is closer to the precipice. Because it began with smaller forces, Britain has even less margin for error.

Yeah...but we are following right behind them. Pretty soon Obama will run out of rich and middle class workers to shake down and then we will be Britain or even worse...Greece.

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  1. The United Kingdom seemingly has a government once again. Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg presumably will come up to the Queen's expectations -- along with those of the voters -- and govern well. Nothing particularly Churchillian is expected. Nor is it likely to put in an appearance. But something short of that but better than Clement Attlee shall do nicely.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI