Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sammy the Bull or John Gotti

Which one of these mobsters was worse?

My hubby and I have had this discussion more than once and we are in disagreement. We agree that both of these men were scum sucking monsters. We just disagree as to what degree of monster each man was.

One of us feels that Sammy the Bull was worse because not only was he a vicious killer but he was also a turncoat, who, got away with dozens if not hundreds murders by turning snitch for the Feds.

The other of us feels that John Gotti was worse because not only was he a killing thug in his youth, but he also ordered the deaths that Sammy the Bull and others carried out.

So, what's your opinion? Were these scumbags equally scummy or was one actually worse than the other and why?


  1. Rosie, all things considered, I think it's difficult to quantifably measure people by degree of goodness or badness, and "people" in this case certainly includes organized criminals of the late period of the Mafia golden age.

    I also think this line of reasoning could be moved over to the perennial best US president, worst totalitarian dictator, best baseball player ot football player, best movie actor or actress, etc, etc. Partly because none of measure precisely the same data or human characteristics in these matters, nore is there any degree of uniformity of standards of judgement.

    But were both of your two examples scumbags?
    That would be difficult to argue with, unless, one would suppose, you were a member of their respective families or an inheritor of some of the money they buth must have stashed somewhere following lives of organized crime. (If they didn't make any money, then what in hell was their justification for being in the Mafia to begin with?)

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  2. I haven't been up on my mafia history in quite a few years. So I had to do some reading.

    I'd say Sammy the Bull was far worse.

    He got upset because Gotti badmouthed him and was set to have him take the fall for crimes they both were in on.. So Sammy flipped and sent Gotti and a bunch of others to prison for life. He received a sweetheart deal from the Feds and began a new life in Arizona. He could have lived happily ever after, but he started up a family drug trafficking business. Now he and his son are in an Arizona prison for 20 years.

  3. Sammy the rat is a bitch........fucc ah snitch......