Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm back from my summer hiatus...

Needed time to properly recover from my surgery. I'm feeling pretty good. I've been super busy with my three boys and my hubby. Getting our house and our garden in order, helping out my sis with some babysitting, swimming with the kids daily, watching reality shows with my cougar hunter husband...just your basic Mom/wife stuff. I even recently shaved my little brother's head clean so he could realize his dream of looking like Buddha.

It's long past time for me to start my blogging again, not just sweet inspirational stories about my wonderful family. It's time to get a little dirty and start telling everyone my thoughts on the Obamanation that is our economy and general political stuff. I want to make sure I sharpen and hone my skills before the mid-tern bloodbath elections happen.

I've got lots to say so I guess I should jump with both feet into the mud.

Are you ready to rumble?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thoughts on Helen Thomas

Anyone who is shocked or offended by Helen Thomas has not been paying attention to her for a very long time.

To be blunt, what did anyone really expect an outspoken, openly Progressive "journalist" to say about Israel/Palestine? Hell, even the fact that she's of Lebanese descent makes little difference as to her stand on this issue. The only difference between Helen Thomas' position and comments versus any random Progressive is that she has the balls to say out loud what the rest of them of thinking.

Leave the old bird alone, it's not like she insulted one of the holy trinity of minority groups. It's all good.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The next installment of Drake's story will hopefully be posted today or tomorrow. Thursday, I am having surgery which is why I have been a bit neglectful here. If you've ever had surgery and know that lots of upfront prep work is required.

So, as soon as I make sure everything on the homefront is good to go - I will have a new post up.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yay for Britain!!! Socialist Loser PM Resigns....

New Prime Minister is Conservative David Cameron.

Good luck to PM Cameron, he has a momentous task ahead. He must clean up a looming budget deficit that next year will be larger than Greece's.  He must find a way to reduce spending without further crippling Britain.

According to Fox News Contributor: Theodore Bromund

For there is no doubt that the most dangerous enemy that Britain – and indeed the United States – face in the months and years to come is their own desire to give themselves benefits they cannot afford. With sensible policies, competently administered, the threat of Islamist terrorism and extremism can be mastered, in Afghanistan and around the world. Unless it loses its head, Britain is only as powerless as it wishes to be.

But a bankrupt Britain, battered from crisis to crisis, will find it impossible to sustain these policies. Even today, its armed forces have been relentlessly squeezed by the insatiable demands of Gordon Brown’s mania for social spending. The only difference between Britain and the U.S. in this regard is that Britain is closer to the precipice. Because it began with smaller forces, Britain has even less margin for error.

Yeah...but we are following right behind them. Pretty soon Obama will run out of rich and middle class workers to shake down and then we will be Britain or even worse...Greece.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The C Word...

contributed by Alice Kondraciuk (Lil' Sis of the Queen)

They say you will never forget the day when you were told. I couldn’t agree more.

I remember rushing out the door as I usually did to get to class. This time was different – I had to stop at the doctor’s office first for the results. I wasn’t too concerned; my mom had the same type of biopsy done six months earlier for the same concern, and all was fine. So off I went to the doctor and work. Driving in Michigan usually means an SUV and at least one highway – my route had to win the all time prize for crappiness, with five highways, 44 miles and an hour drive each way.

As if on autopilot, I completely missed my freeway change leading to the doctor’s office and was headed straight for the school. My interns called with a problem and needed help with the servers and student computers. Damn! I have to turn around, and I cannot get off the freeway for five miles. Great! I just love it when I miss an exit.

As I pulled into the doctor’s office, I noticed my Mom’s car in the lot. My sister Rose and I have the same doctor, and she had an appointment before mine. I was late, so just waved to my Mom and rushed into the door. I was surprised they were still there since I was late, and the staff was very nice about the whole thing. Rose was still there in the waiting room, too. I thought, “Oh good, she hadn’t been seen yet, so I’m safe.”

Actually, she said she just wanted a chance to say hello to me because she hardly gets to see me anymore.

“How nice,” I thought.

I was called in immediately. The doctor checked my stitches and said to get dressed and come to his office. Then he looked at me and said we did not get the results we wanted. We need to talk about what happens next. My whole world started moving in slow motion, and a wave of emotions came over me. Wait! I said my sister was just in the lobby, can I please go get her? Oh my god. I don’t want her to leave.

“She won’t leave,” the doctor said. “We told her to stay. We told her that you would need her.”

Now her being here made more sense. Rose and I sat down in the doctor’s office where he delivered the news. As she held my hand, the words were spoken. It was very surreal.

“You have Cancer. You are young. You are probably curable.”


“You have an extensive amount of DCIS – Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (non-invasive) and some Invasive cancer, as well.”

Apparently, it’s very rare to have both.

I am a Stage IIA Breast Cancer survivor. I am currently under treatment and looking forward to reconstructive surgery in the coming months. My goal is share my story in a series of articles about how this all affected my life. I invite you all to do the same I would really love to hear from you any and all of you especially if you are a survivor, caregiver or have been affected in any way by Cancer. I also plan to share the choices I have made about my treatment and what I am doing to fight back. I look forward to our conversations. Thanks for listening.

Making My Heart Super- Happy

My 13 month old son, Johnny, just fell down kinda hard on his butt and started crying. Drake (5) ran over before I did by about 5 seconds. He got down on the floor and laid down next to Johnny and stroked his baby face and said, "you're okay, Johnny. You're okay..." Johnny immediately stopped crying and just smiled at Drake, who, hugged him and then helped him up on his feet. They went right back to playing chase throughout the house.

I felt like Kai Lan from Ni Hao Kai-Lan....they made my heart super happy. :-)

I'm gonna let you in on a secret that maybe isn't a secret to everyone but maybe a surprise to some. Drake has autism. Some people may find his behavior to be amazing simply because he is autistic. It's not amazing at all. One thing Drake has shown himself to be is a very loving and very protective big brother. He loves that baby, he's so gentle with him and watches over him like a guardian angel. And I have one person to credit for Drake being such a great big brother to Johnny.


My first born son is probably the greatest big brother of all time.  Draco was born during one of the worst periods of our (mine and Jake's) lives. At the tender age of 7, Jacob became both big brother and surrogate father to Draco, since their own father was always either disgustingly drunk and locked in his room with his computer, working (when he periodically could obtain and hold employment) or just simply unconscious. Drake didn't even understand the concept of father or even who his father was until well after my divorce was final.

The only thing Drake knew was Jake and Jake taught him to be a loving, protective and playful brother. And that is exactly who Draco is with Johnny.

My sons make my heart super happy and while they spent Mother's Day showering me with love and appreciation, I spent Mother's Day thanking God for having blessed me four times. Three of those blessings are my sons. The fourth is my wonderful husband, who, not only loves me and shows me everyday how much but loves all three of my sons unconditionally, equally and they know it.

Like I said, I am blessed and unlike Hero, I shall not die while my slander lives. I shall defeat slander by living well, showered completely in happiness and loving.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sammy the Bull or John Gotti

Which one of these mobsters was worse?

My hubby and I have had this discussion more than once and we are in disagreement. We agree that both of these men were scum sucking monsters. We just disagree as to what degree of monster each man was.

One of us feels that Sammy the Bull was worse because not only was he a vicious killer but he was also a turncoat, who, got away with dozens if not hundreds murders by turning snitch for the Feds.

The other of us feels that John Gotti was worse because not only was he a killing thug in his youth, but he also ordered the deaths that Sammy the Bull and others carried out.

So, what's your opinion? Were these scumbags equally scummy or was one actually worse than the other and why?